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Long ago, two races ruled over Earth, humans and monsters.
One day, war broke out between the two races.
After a long battle, humans were victorious.
They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.
Many years laters…
The monsters broke free.
Eager for revenge, the king of all monsters, Asgore, ordered all his kind to attack with no mercy.
But him alone, was enough to exterminate the most of Humanity.
With his newfound powers, and his wrath, humans became in one month, an endangered species.
Humans stopped fighting back, and flew to hide.
To let them less chance of survival, Asgore plunged all the land into an internal winter.
The last trace of Humanity was a bunch of scattered ruins in a freezing wasteland.


The sound of crushed snow echoed in the tundra. Sans was walking with his brother by his side towards a large forest, bows on their backs. Papyrus has been silent since they left their camp, and that was quite unusual. The shorter skeleton turned his head towards his brother, and underneath his fluffy hood, he managed to catch a sight of his worried expression. He smiled a little at how adorable and harmless that hood made the tall skeleton look, while himself just looked like a weird white bony lion.

“Hey Pap,” he said as they entered the forest. “I need you to focus from here.
"A-ah of course!”

Papyrus jolted and pulled his bow out awkwardly. Sans chuckled and did the same. It was definitively nicer to hunt with some company.
They progressed discreetly between the trees for a moment before Sans gestured to his brother to stop and squat. He then pointed at a little further ahead of them, and Papyrus popped his head from behind the tree he was hiding to spot a white bear scratching the ground in the distance.
The tall and now even more worried guy eyed his brother, waiting for some orders or advice, anything. Sans glimpsed at the beast, then back at his brother, and whispered.

“Aim for its ear.”

Papyrus nodded, moved out of the tree and put one knee on the ground. A thin long and sharpy bone appeared from a red glow in his hand, and he aimed towards the beast. Sans watched his brother carefully as the taller skeleton held his breath, and noticed he had started shaking. Sans was about to tell him to stop, but Papyrus shot. The bony arrow hissed through the wind and crashed in the bear’s shoulder. The wounded beast growled from the pain, quickly spotted its attacker, and immediatly started to run towards him. Papyrus stood up as he took a step back, eyes wide opened. Sans mumbled a “shit!” between his teeth while his hand materialized an arrow. He stood up as well, his soul popped from his chest then placed itself in the heart-shaped seal that adorn the skull on his bow. His left eye glowed blue, the iris taking the shape of a viewfinder. He quickly aimed and shot. The sharp bone pierced between the bear’s eyes, leaving only the end of the arrow visible. Without a sound, the beast shuffled a bit forward before it collapsed on its side, its body shaken by a last convulsion.
Papyrus looked exhausted just by watching the scene, eyes stuck on the corpse in front of him. He didn’t notice his broher touching his arm until he heard his voice.

“Hey bro, you did super great! You almost had it.” A sincere smile appeared on Sans’ face.
The tall monster managed to shift his gaze and took a moment to understand the words.
“Yeah! I… I hit it, at least. But if you weren’t there…”
He paused, then shook vigorously his head to suppress the dark thoughts. He struck a glorious pose.
“However, I have improved again! Not long for me until I become as skilled and popular as you, brother! Now, I shall collect the loot.”

He met the bear’s corpse with two large steps, kneeled down before it, outed a knife that was attached to his belt, and started cutting off the thick skin of the beast with a grimace.  Meanwhile, Sans went to the place where the bear was scratching the ground a moment ago. He scattered the snow with his boot to discover one end of an aluminium bag. He left out a little “tch!” before bending down and shoved the trash in one of his trousers pockets.

“The grease’s scent. That’s why that bear was strolling around the camp recently. There has to be more around the forest.”
He mubbled “fucking disgusting humans” more to himself than his brother who looked up to reply.
“I don’t think we left them the time to clean up when we showed up.”
Sans giggled at that.
“D'ya think that these garbages are recent? Like, there were actually running away while shoving chips in their mouth?”
He pressed his hand against his mouth to make him sound like he was chewing, lifting his other hand dramatically towards the sun.
“Oh no! Death! Death all around us! Quick! Consume potatoes to protect us against mean monsters!”
Papyrus gave his brother a mean look while struggling with a piece of sinews.
“I thought you said we should not be cruel towards our preys?”
“They’re not preys.”
Sans came back to his brother and kneeled down before him, resuming.
“We killed this bear, ‘cause it can provide us leather, warm clothes and meat. We needed it, it’s useful. It’s part of the circle of life, y'know? But humans… We can’t get anything from them.”
His expression darkened.
“They just deserve it.”
He took out his own knife and started helping Papyrus who now was wearing a sad expression.
“Don’t forget what they did to us, Pap’.” He added.
“I know.” Papyrus quietly responded.

Officially still at war, monsters hadn’t settled any city or village yet, but instead they had multiple camps established in different areas. It might have looked like human work with the rustic appearence of all the wooden and straw houses, but everything ran with magic. There were monsters producing electricity, monsters producing warmth, monsters delivering water… They did anything by themselves since the cold ruthless weather wasn’t giving them a chance to do otherwise. This was the price to pay for their revenge.

Papyrus, carrying the bear’s skin on one shoulder, entered a shop-like house with a pinned sign on which was written “Bunny’s Swap”. With a big smile, he passed the few monsters that were chilling at the tables and he reached the counter, slamed the heavy pelt on it in front of the bunny lady owner. The loud noise made her jolt in surprise before she came caressing the ware.

“Wow, that’s a nice piece you got there, Papyrus!”
He lifted his chin, looking very proud of it.
“Did you hunt it yourself? I’m kinda impressed!” She said while inspecting more of it.
“Oh, uh, no. But! I did a wonderfull job cutting it, didn’t I ?”
She giggled, patting Papyru’s arm to congratulate him.
“You sure did. So, you can have a lot of stuff in exchange of this. Do you have something in mind or you just want gold?”
“Actually, I need some metal. Alphys is going to upgrade my bow! Then I will be able to use my soul on it and increase my magic like my brother and Undyne do!”
“Really?” She gave him a tender look.“Do you really need it? I don’t think hunting is made for you, my friend.”
“I know, I lack experience… But I know I can do it! This magical weapon will surely bring me more confidence than I already have!”
“No, no sweetie.” She shook her head slowly.“I just think you’re too kind to kill anything.”
“But…” He lowered his head before staring back at her with eyes full of hope.“I want to be useful, too! Maybe I can’t kill but, I could still injure something enought to capture it and bring it to Sans. ” He seemed more and more excited.“One day, I’ll capture a human, so he and Undyne can be proud of me!”
The bunny lady let herself be contaminated by his enthusiasm and laughed a little, cheering him up.
“I’m looking forward to it. Oh, do you need anything else before I go and fetch the metal in the stockpile?”
“Oh, yes. Sans would like a pack of sweet and sour sauce, too.”
“AGAIN?” She sighed. “Tell him that this will be the last one I’ll give to him for a while. I’m almost out of it because of his stupid addiction.”

Then she left by the door behind the counter, mumbling things about how weird Sans was.
A voice from behind the skeleton drew his attention.

“Capturing a human, huh?”

Papyrus turned his head to meet a group of five dog monsters settled at a table behind him. Judging by their outfit and weapons, they were hunters. The black and white one had spoken, a dog treat shoved in his mouth.

“You dream big. You don’t even dare to kill the fishes you catch. If you ever encouter a human, you’d be dead before laying a single strike on it.”

His group of friend nodded and laughed at the statement.
Papyrus didn’t lose his composure, he only crossed his arms proudly on his chest.

“My brother is teaching me! I will become stronger than you can imagine and you all will be impressed!”
“Yeah, your bro, Sans.” The dog monster frowned. “Now, maybe he’s the top tier hunter and the king’s sidekick, but that doesn’t mean YOU’re talented. If you really want to be useful, do something that’s not impossible for you to do and work hard like everyone else, instead of wasting your time on some inferiority complex.”

The bunny lady who was back slammed her palm on the counter, glaring at the so-called Doggo, who looked away with an annoyed glance. She then drew the skeleton’s attention back to her, handing him two medium boxes.

“Don’t listen to them. Do what you think is good for you, sweetie. Your contagious joy is enough contribution to monsterkind.”

Papyrus stayed silent for a moment as he took the boxes. He then looked at her with a big smile printed on his features.

“Thank you! You’re really sweet too! Well, the Great Papyrus has to retire now, I leave the loot in your care, goodbye!”

He left her no time to respond and quickly turned on his heels towards the exit, closed the door behind him with his foot, and looked down. Now he was feeling guilty. Doggo was right, everyone worked really hard to contribute to the well being of monsterkind and their victory against humans. Especially hunters. But… He reminded the bunny’s words. Yes. He had to at least try. Once he’ll gain his very own magical weapon, he’ll capture a human, and show them all that he can be as awesome as his brother.
This thought cheered him up. More determined than ever, he looked up and started heading home with large footsteps.
Huntertale beta fic
So as you all (probably) know, Huntertale is going to be a comic, but I did try to write a fanfic a while ago.
I’m currently working on the storyboard of the first chapter, and to keep you guys waiting I decided to show you the crap I wrote as a preview !  ˙ ͜ʟ˙

Read this and you’ll enter the magnificent world of…
Huntertaaaaaaaale ~~~~ °・*:.。.☆†_(*゚▽゚*)β))☆.。.:*・°☆

(Sorry I just got back from work i’m tired lol ANYWAY I hope you’ll enjoy it!)

If you're interrested in Huntertale please follow me on tumblr too!
Huntertale ref: Sans
The fresh and new refsheet for Ht!sans is done!

Other things to know about him in the Au:
-1m75 tall
-He works directly for Asgore as the army general
-His magical bow can also be a blaster when he seals his soul on it. (more info about magical weapons later-)
-Dark pupils appears when he’s angry/excited
-The viewfiender in his eye-socket can zoom for a better aiming
-He killed many, many, maaaaaany humans 
-He hates humans because “they’re useless virus who can’t even take care of their planet”

Huntertale is an Undertale AU in progress:

Huntertale ref: Frisk
A wild Huntertale!Frisk appears! 

Other things to know about them in the Au:
-1m63 tall
-15 years old
-Born blind, they keep their eyes closed most of the time.
-Yes, their skin is yellowish
-The second outfit will be made by Toriel later in the story
-They’re basically a little brat.

Huntertale is an Undertale AU in progress:


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